Meet Our Staff

Gail Aznar : Director/Owner

Gail Aznar


- Utah State University Graduate
- Graduated with a B.S. in Elementary and Early Childhood Education
- Minor: Spanish
Credentials: Level 6 - First Aid/CPR Certification
We believe that a child is only a child for a very short time in their life. That in this day and age many children have been forced to grow-up before their time. We would like to preserve and create some of those precious moments of childhood by giving each and every child a chance to be just that. We believe each child has the right to laugh, to sing, to dance, and to be a child.
Rena Rhodes : Administrative Assistant

Rena Rhodes

Administrative Assistant

Rena is our full-time Administrative Assistant, who started at Rhymes & Reasons in February 2016.  Her primary responsibilities include:  making sure staff and children's records conform to state regulations; handling tuition; payroll; updating the website; assisting in accreditation; parent tours; advertising; and recruiting.  Rena has also received her First Aid/CPR certification and she is qualified to give prescription medication to our children, if necessary.  Her background includes experience in human resources and eldercare.
Kayla Bents : Pre-K Teacher

Kayla Bents

Pre-K Teacher


Towson University Graduate

B.S. in Early Childhood Education

Minor in Spanish

Student taught in Howard County Public Schools


90 Hour Certificate


I believe that learning should be fun and exciting while meeting the needs of the whole child. While learning should target a child’s cognitive development, it should also foster social, emotional, and physical development and include experiences with art, music, creativity, and play.

Children should be provided with many opportunities to play, explore, and discover in their learning environment and follow their curiosity. Additionally, I believe in actively engaging children in their learning by providing them with hands-on and sensory learning experiences to spark their interest and deepen their understanding.

My goal is to foster a love for learning in children through fun, exciting, and positive experiences.
Nelda Caballero : Pre-K Aide

Nelda Caballero

Pre-K Aide

Nelda is our Pre-K Assistant.
Rachel Ehmann : Preschool Teacher

Rachel Ehmann

Preschool Teacher

My name is Rachel Ehmann. I am a graduate of Stevenson University where I earned my Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education.  I later became certified in Early Childhood Education after teaching first grade for four years.  I am very excited to join the Rhymes and Reasons staff.
Ashlie Washington : Preschool Aide

Ashlie Washington

Preschool Aide

My name is Ashlie Washington. I am 21 years old, I live in Frederick Maryland, and I am recently engaged. I can't tell you how excited I am about walking a new journey in life with Rhymes and Reasons, as their new preschool teacher.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a qualified lead teacher with seven years of experience teaching Pre-K up to school age classes. This past year I've set high goals of achieving my Associates Degree in Elementary Education to become either a director or a Kindergarten teacher.

I am a youth pastor at my church, which I attend every Sunday morning at Ebenezer A.M.E in Brunswick, Maryland.  I can sing and dance; I am always happy-go-lucky; I love to cook; I am very creative; and I am an organized person. My greatest characteristics are that I am extremely outgoing and open-minded. My father once told me that positivity is key, so with that in mind, I hope to exceed your expectations.
Nathalia Purt : Preschool Teacher

Nathalia Purt

Preschool Teacher

My family and I just moved to Maryland from Germany where I used to work at the U. S. Air Force Child Development Center in the Preschool Room.  I have an Early Childhood Education (ECE) certificate from Pierce College, Washington, and over 21 college credits earned in ECE, Psychology and Behavior Studies.  I am fluent in Portuguese and English; I have an Associates Degree in General Studies,  and I have an Early Childhood Education Certificate.  I am Pediatric & Adult First Aid/CPR/AED certified by the American Red Cross. I love to work with children and see their daily development.  I want you to see me as a partner and together we will work to meet your child's Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social needs.
Jennha Johnson : Preschool Aide

Jennha Johnson

Preschool Aide
Kathy Parrott : School Age Teacher

Kathy Parrott

School Age Teacher

Hi, my name is Kathy Parrott. I have been employed with Carroll County Public schools for the past 11 years and am recently working at the elementary school level.

I have an A.A. in Early Childhood Education, a B.S. in General Education and a Master’s in Education from UOP.

I enjoy working with children, motivating them to be confident in expressing themselves and being true to who they are. Honesty and acceptance of others are qualities that I encourage to achieve positive character traits in children as they grow and navigate through life.  I encourage children to express themselves through art, physical exercise as a positive way to release energy and have fun, and use words to express feelings.

Being part of the Rhymes and Reasons family allows me to have a positive role in the future of our community’s youth.
Katie Banaszak : Group Leader/Summer Camp

Katie Banaszak

Group Leader/Summer Camp

I graduated from Towson University in May 2017 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education.
Credentials:  Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education; 90-Hour Child Care Certificate
My philosophy is to be able to challenge children in learning and see them blossom and grow over time. Education should open children's minds and enrich them through activities which develop their individuality.